About Us

Striped Lion Distilling was founded by Kevin and Erin Wright, married rum enthusiasts whose rum collecting endeavors and interest in science have merged to conceptualize a craft distillery that focuses primarily on rum. The couple has spent the past fourteen years collecting rums – turning an initial curiosity about the nuance of aged rum into more than a decade of learning about rum production and processing, and about its use in cocktails and cuisine.

A fledgling idea to open a distillery and create rum was stifled for years due to restrictions in state production regulations. Once new legislation allowed for craft distilling in their home state of New Jersey, they solidified their business plan and chose a name for their distillery that pays homage to a shared love of big cats that they discovered during one of their first dates. Their journey to open their venue in Woodbury, NJ has spanned the past five years, with unexpected delays related to lack of traditional funding, construction delays, and further administrative delays related to the coronavirus pandemic.

They will be producing various expressions of rum and rum-based liqueurs and will have a tasting room where guests can enjoy experiencing their wares.  This distillery is 100% black-owned and is also majority woman-owned.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for news about our seasonal cocktails and events

740 N Broad St Woodbury, NJ 08096